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A study of beach plastic

Whether we call the beach, the city, or the suburbs home, we are all contributing to today’s plastic problems. Here is the download on how plastic has become such an oceanic nightmare and all the things we can be doing to keep our oceans and communities plastic free.



your handbag’s social impact model


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articles worth reading about stuff we buy.

farm to fashion: the answer to climate change we’ve been looking for.

the solution to climate change has been under our toes all along and both food and fashion are getting behind it.

as told by whitney bauck from fashionista.

photo: patagonia/regenerative organic alliance

cosmetic brands can’t put toxins on our faces…right?

apparently they can?! and it’s happening way more in the united states than in canada or europe. these forms of toxic exposure won’t be turning us into marvel characters anytime soon y’all. read more about how the industry is pushing for safer products.

as told by rachel krause from refinery29.

photo: beauty counter

how are we supposed to feel about fast fashion eco-labels?

the answer? very mixed.
it’s complicated y’all, but fast fashion might be opening a lot of doors for sustainable practices in the future.

as told by whitney bauck from fashionista.

photo: sokokenya

y’all, harling ross is really into oatmilk, but not just any oatmilk.

harling ross of man repellar took a moment away from style and social savvy reviews to explain why this oatmilk has coffee lovers, eco-nerds, vegans, and that guy named david from accounting all obsessed.

as told by harling ross from man repellar.

photo: manrepellar