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Welcome to the download on plastic pollution. Most of us are already booing the use of excessive plastic or are at least looking to lessen our plastic waste, but do we really know the impact plastic has on people and the planet aside from the mental images of plastic covered beaches or plastic mountains in landfills? Below are some of my favorite pieces that explore a closer look at how plastic has threatened wildlife, our oceans, and all of us.

1. plastic pollution probs vs the ocean

Lucy Biggers with Now This News gives us a brief synopsis of how plastic pollution is impacting the lives of those in and out of the water and highlights companies seeking to reverse some of the damage that we’ve done.

2. where does plastic even go?

Discovery channel released a video explaining how plastic is accumulating in the ocean in the form of “garbage patches”. One of these patches is already the size of Texas and is very close to home.
Image @theoceancleanup

3. animals are eating plastic, but why?

How convincing is plastic as food, really? An excellent read from Forbes shares more on the top 5 ways plastic harms the planet, also revealing how plastic ends ups seeming like a tasty dinner.

4. are people really
eating plastic?

You guessed it. :)
Plastic has landed on our plates in more foods than you might expect. An article from The Conversation shares which groceries a collection of studies have deemed likely for plastic consumption.

5. why can’t we just recycle it all?

You may have heard that China no longer wants to accept trash from the U.S. An article from MIC explains how issues within the recycling industry are creating a global conversation we can’t just shove under the rug anymore (or ship overseas).

6. are we driving the ship?

Marine Wildlife activist, Captain Paul Watson, reminds us that we’ve been looking at our relationship with nature and our place in the hierarchy of it all completely wrong.

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Lucy Biggers

You already got a dose of Lucy from Now This up above and there are more amazing interviews where that came from.


lauren singer

Founder of Package Free Shop, Lauren has dedicated her career to helping people lower their waste in everyday life.



Parley is creating a new narrative around the design flaws of plastic and how we can eliminate threats to our oceans.


Founder of an all natural lotion line and a connoisseur of low waste living, Stevie is a ray of sunshine that is constantly shining light on ways we can be better in everyday lives.


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