the download on natural disasters vs humans


Welcome to the download on natural disasters. Exclusively keeping up with disaster relief on the news while storms are upon us can feel like a hopeless mess. I hope this download gives you a better snapshot of what to anticipate as weather patterns intensify over time and what to watch for as people present solutions for the future.


1. the impacts of natural disasters

A brief look at how climate has shaped our geographic movement from the beginning and understanding how natural disasters will continue to promote migration.


4. wait; how does climate change work?

While climate change may or may not be entirely to blame for our increased frequency of natural disasters, it is important to know how it intensifies them.


2. who is most vulnerable?

It’s not a question of whether natural disaster’s will come, but rather a question of how prepared we are to recover. However, some are more able to recover than others.


5. vulnerable populations will grow

With the wealthy or economically stable escaping disaster zones, the poor are left with a lack of resources, lack of education, and rising populations to juggle while trying to recover.


3. WHo is ready to face the storm?

A quick world map snap shot of which countries are most vulnerable to natural disaster’s and who is most ready to recover from them.

Screen Shot 2019-07-14 at 2.31.03 PM.png

6. what does the road to recovery look like?

While immediate resources to help feed, clothe, and house people is imperative, it’s prevention that will lead to the long term recovery and resilience of vulnerable communities.

you did it.

My biggest take away after reading “We Fed an Island” and researching this topic is that we must build more resilient communities. Preparing to act quickly, not only when disaster strikes, but when people uncover solutions that are achievable and sustainable will be vital for the survival of coastal cities and our access to them. Below are some accounts I recommend so you can keep downloading on the daily.

we fed an island

In the book, We Fed and Island, Jose Andrés takes you through his journey of starting a small non-profit to feed the people, facing challenges to gain support from our nation’s largest non-profits, and discovering the resiliency of community.


renee e. peters

Renee, a model and earth activist, focuses on shedding light between the cracks of our most controversial issues within climate change and sustainability; often reminding us of those who will be impacted most.


Ayana E. Johnson

Ayana, marine biologist and founder of @OceanCollectiv, explores the climate crisis, surrounding policies, and uncovering solutions for people and the planet.


national geographic

Stay connected to how natural disasters impact people, animals, and the environment.


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