consuming cosmetics…its complicated.


Welcome to the download on consuming cosmetics. Over the years, some of us have learned how to paint the mona lisa on our eyelids (not me), have perfected winged eyeliner (they’re sisters, not twins), have mastered 12 step skincare routines, or have realized most days we just want chapstick. No matter what your beauty routine, there is much more to learn about the products we buy aside from the healing benefits of aloe vera (but I’d read that article too). Thanks for checking out the download on creating cosmetics. Let’s have a look at how the industry impacts people and the planet.


1. the beauty industry’s eco shift.

None of us want to quantify how many plastic beauty tubes we’ve sent to landfill in our lifetimes, BUT we can learn more about how the beauty industry is painting a brighter future across many elements.

4. animal cruelty vs big beauty brands

So we all know animal testing is bad, but why do industry leading brands with the most power to shift practices continue to comply with it? How have they responded to anti-animal testing backlash?

2. what is the impact of all that glitters?

Well it’s not gold, I’ll tell you that. Sparkle may be a key element of the beauty industries appeal but the ugly side of glitter is that it isn’t great for your face or your planet.

5. the first U.S. state to ban animal testing

A little dose of progress for your cosmetics download. The U.S. might be terribly behind most of the world on outlawing inhumane practices but we can start here and now.

3. are there fair trade issues in beauty?

Most of us have heard of the fair trade labor issues for farmers working in food or fashion industries (hello cotton). BUT beauty product ingredients require sourcing all the same.

6. do your favorite brands test on animals?

Cruelty Free Kitty is a blog I discovered when checking out my own beauty brands. Low and behold, most of the beauty brands I was using were on the bunny approved list.

you did it

Most downloads will probably have you feeling lots of feels, but I know when cute little furries are involved, the feels can be next level. My hope is not that you spiral down a hopeless hole of industry backed cruelty despair (guh) but that you feel empowered to pay closer to attention to brands working hard to innovate for an ethical future that helps us consume more consciously. Aka: Don’t stop wearing make-up, expressing yourself, caring for your skin - but pay attention to your gut when you know people are creating better options for you and planet. Below are my curated beauty favs and some accounts I recommend so you can keep downloading on the daily.

Tashina Combs

A content creator dedicated to cruelty free beauty & lifestyle, Tashina shares her personal tips and resources along her journey of cruelty free advocacy.


Whitney bauck

The first writer I followed when I began my journey. Whitney covers an array of thought provoking topics across all facets of conscious consumption.


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